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Attention Deficit /

Hyperactivity Assessment

This assessment explores an individual’s cognitive abilities and behaviours to aid greater understanding into their ability to attend to tasks and manage impulses, as well as exploring hyperactive behaviour.

Provides greater understanding of your child’s abilities and sensory needs

Identifies whether your child meet criteria for an ADHD diagnosis

Supports identification of specific strategies that may improve your child’s daily functioning

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Who it's for...

This assessment is for children aged 6 to 18 who present with hyperactivity, difficulty attending to and completing tasks, act impulsively, or where a teacher or other professional has questioned Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


What to Expect

This assessment includes an interview with the client or caregiver as well as a teacher interview, questionnaires, school observation, and face-to-face cognitive assessment.

Additional assessments can be completed including speech and language, literacy, and specific learning and academic assessments. Please discuss this with the psychologist during the interview if you would like to explore these.


After the Assessment

After all the assessments and interviews are completed, the psychologist will analyse the data and write a comprehensive report of the findings including recommendations for home and school. During a feedback appointment, the psychologist will talk you through the findings of the assessment and individualised recommendations with you. This is a great opportunity to discuss next steps.


Part of an individualised therapy program

Because everyone develops differently, there is no one size fits all to therapy and intervention. We will use the information from this assessment to identify where strengths, interests, strategies, and tools can be used to support areas of challenge.