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Brief Developmental Assessment

This assessment measures your child’s abilities across a range of developmental domains.

Helps us to support you to decide where to start with therapy

Facilitates specific recommendations for communication and engagement strategies with your child

May support funding applications

EDSM Newcastle | SeeChange Therapy

Who it's for...

This assessment is for children aged 8 months to 6 years whose parents are seeking guidance on therapeutic support but are not sure where to start.


What to Expect

This assessment includes an interview with the client or caregiver as well as an in-clinic play-based assessment with your child which can take up to 120 minutes.


After the Assessment

After all the assessments and interviews are completed, the therapist will analyse the data and write a comprehensive report of the findings including recommendations. These are then discussed in depth in a feedback appointment.


Part of an individualised therapy program

The feedback from these reports can aid specific direction of therapy. This information also supports our therapists to support families to develop new strategies, and tools to promote growth and skills in development, social engagement, and independence in their loved one.

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