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Attend a Drop-In Session

Our Drop In Clinic provides parents with an opportunity to discuss any concerns about their child’s development and/or behaviour. Finding reliable information to understand your child’s unique development can be challenging. Our fortnightly free, no-strings attached drop in sessions are designed for parents/caregivers to come in and have an informal chat to one of our experienced practitioners

Talk openly about your concerns

Seek information and support on the services that could be suited for your child/family

Talk to a senior/experienced therapist

SeeChange Therapy - Early Intervention Specialists Newcastle.
SeeChange Therapy - Early Intervention Specialists Newcastle.

When are sessions available?

Our drop in sessions are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 10:30am until 12:00pm.


Where are the sessions held?

SeeChange Therapy
23 Rosegum Road, Warabrook NSW 2304


Who is this for?

Our drop in sessions are for any parent/caregiver who has concerns and would like the opportunity to have questions answered around what types of support are available for their child/family.

We are also here to support any parent/caregiver that has been advised to seek intervention from their GP, paediatrician or other Allied Health Practitioner.


What can I expect at a drop in session?

Our drop in sessions are an opportunity for you to talk openly to an experienced senior therapists in a safe environment where you can feel:
✓ Welcomed
✓ Connected
✓ Relaxed
✓ Comfortable
✓ Listened to
✓ Understood
✓ Supported
✓ Empowered

Our informal Drop In Space is complete with toys, meaning you can bring your child and allow them to play or explore the space while you enjoy a cuppa and chat with a senior therapist and meet other parents or caregivers.


What do I do when I arrive?

There is plenty of onsite parking. Simply use the main entrance at SeeChange Therapy where you will be welcomed by Jenna, who will guide you to our enclosed informal drop in space.

Our drop in sessions are an opportunity to connect with other families experiencing similar challenges and build a relationship journey with highly skilled and empathetic therapists. You can sit down in a relaxed setting to have a chat about your family’s needs and ask any questions you may have.

While we welcome unannounced drop in’s, the space is limited, so please feel free to book in.