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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is aimed at capacity building so that children and adolescents can complete daily tasks with more independence and build confidence.

Improved basic life skills.

This therapy is designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, organisation, recall, and planning to complete basic daily tasks.

Increased emotion regulation.

OT can improve your child’s ability to regulate emotions in order to carry out daily tasks they want, need or are expected to do.

Elevated sense of independence.

Children enhance basic life skills and improve their capability to perform tasks they find difficult.

Occupational Therapy Newcastle | SeeChange Therapy

Paediatric Occupational therapy is about supporting children and young people to do the everyday activities or “occupations” that they want, need, or are expected to do. Paediatric Occupational therapists take a playful approach to intervention, as play is the major occupation of childhood. Play is what children spend most of their time doing in order to learn and practise important skills, build relationships and connect to and learn about the world around them. For children, occupations mainly centre around self-maintenance, productivity, play, leisure, social participation, and rest.


Who it's for...

Occupational Therapy is suitable for all children and young people who are having challenges with performing or participating in everyday activities or “occupations” that they want, need, or are expected to do.


What to Expect

Occupational therapy sessions are developed with your child’s particular needs and goals in mind. The sessions are play-based and involve the children’s interest while developing skills in everyday activities and routines.


Part of an individualised therapy program

Occupational therapy can be delivered at home, in clinic, in the community or in school. The program is individualised to the child’s goals which are developed in collaboration with the family.

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