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Our Process

Every One is Different,
Our Process Identifies Your Individual Needs

We understand that every child is unique, and every family has their own specific challenges which is why we create individualised therapy programs based on collaborative goals. Supports are delivered in the most effective environment including in the home, in-clinic, day-care/preschool, school or within the wider community.

In addition, we provide tailored supports and coaching that help to empower families with knowledge and skills to understand their child better and engage with them more effectively.
Furthermore, we enhance the network around the child by increasing community involvement through community-based support that is designed to facilitate acceptance and inclusion.

Step One:

Begin your relationship journey by either calling or attending our drop in sessions

Step Two:

After the initial intake, we may complete a formal assessment using standardised assessment tools, or an informal assessment involving interviews and observations, in order to identify the most suitable services and therapy program for you or your child.

Step Three:

Collaboratively build an individualised therapy program

SeeChange Therapy - Early Intervention Specialists Newcastle.

Step One: Connect

At SeeChange you begin your relationship journey by either calling or attending one of our fortnightly drop-in sessions. This is the first opportunity for you to discuss your concerns. Next is an intake meeting where information is gathered more comprehensively. SeeChange aims to support families through these critical first steps in identifying and understanding the key goals you wish to achieve.

Step Two: Assess

Once you connect with us, one of our practitioners will meet with you for an informal assessment of your or your child’s needs. We’ll discuss your options which may include assessment, individualised therapy, coaching, or a blend of all three. We may recommend a formal assessment using standardised assessment tools, or an informal assessment involving interviews and observations, in order to identify the most suitable services and therapy program for you or your child.

SeeChange Therapy - Early Intervention Specialists Newcastle.
SeeChange Therapy - Early Intervention Specialists Newcastle.

Step Three: Develop

After completing assessments and further discussions, your lead practioner will collaboratively build an individualised therapy program based on your child’s current skills and addressing desired goals to promote inclusion and connection.
We offer therapies that can be delivered in-home, in community, or in clinic to ensure your child has the support they need and will benefit from it most.

Connect with Us

Together we create personalised support and communication programmes based on the specific goals, targets, and needs of each neurodivergent family.
Together we celebrate the wins, and together we navigate the setbacks. Goals are focused on establishing meaningful connections using strategies that are evidence-based and designed to be implemented in naturalistic settings including homes, various community venues as well as in-clinic. Call us, send us an e-mail, or drop by our clinic for answers, questions and to discuss options. We look forwarding to building a relationship with you.


Initial Intake Form

Filling out the intake form is essential so that we can have a clear view of the difficulties you face day-to-day and goals for your child. We’ll review your form and get in touch with you to discuss and book your initial intake meeting.


Intake Meeting

During the intake meeting, you, will meet with one of our senior team members to chat about your family’s needs. We discuss which initial assessments and/or supports will be most beneficial to your child’s and family’s needs. Once we have agreed on the best course of action, we will get your first appointments booked.


Initial Assessment

The duration and process of the initial assessment if required, depends on which assessment/s are right for your child. Upon completion of any informal or formal assessments, our team will discuss and create an individualised therapy program.


Individualised Therapy Program

This is where we create a personalised program, that can create a space for you to see positive change! You, your child, and/or your family members and community will engage in your chosen therapies. The duration and location of sessions may vary depending on your program. Throughout this journey, our team are always ready to assist you towards building a richer connection with your child.


Build Connection with Your Child

Your individualised therapy program is an ongoing journey of learning, understanding, and engagement. Your SeeChange family continually supports you at home, in the clinic, or in the community so we can facilitate your child’s independence and create an environment to support connection.

Ready to build that precious connection with your child? Start your SCT journey by connecting with us now!

The rewards and unique challenges that come with neurodiversity shape relationships for our clients with their family, friends, and members of the community. We empathise with families and understand the frustration and feelings of isolation that can come with caring for a child with additional needs. We believe it is a shared responsibility to create environments where neurodivergent children can flourish. This begins with fostering authentic relationships with a child’s support network and ensuring that relationships are underpinned by understanding, empowerment, and acceptance. SeeChange aims to collaborate with families and connect with other services to create a new way of being in our community where everyone is truly valued.