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Project ImPACT

Learn strategies and techniques to engage and promote your child’s unique communication skills at home through the parent-mediated Project ImPACT (Improving Parents as Communication Teachers)

Improved child’s social and communication skills.

Project ImPACT is designed to develop children’s confidence & ability to independently use expressive language, receptive communication, imitation, social and play skills.

Increased parent-child engagement.

Project ImPACT coaches’ parents on how to increase responsiveness to their child’s communication and techniques to prompt and reinforce new skills that improve daily interpersonal interactions.

Parental empowerment.

This intervention aims at reducing parental stress and increase feelings of empowerment as you learn strategies on how to become actively involved. This promotes child development at home and teaches ways to manage difficult behaviour in everyday activities.

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This parent-mediated, child-led intervention acknowledges that parents play a important role in the development of their children’s communication skills. Project ImPACT teaches parents strategies to support their child’s engagement, communication, play, and imitation so you can connect and develop a respectful and trusting relationship with your child.


Who it's for...

This support is shown to be effective for parents of children aged 0 to 7y who display social communication delays, challenging behaviour or have been diagnosed with Autism.


What to Expect

During this 12 or 24 week program which includes a managing challenging behaviour unit, parents set goals collaboratively with a practitioner based on an understanding of development and the child’s current skills. Achievable goals that are important to the family are worked on across various caregiving routines such as mealtimes, bath time, family outings or during play at home. Parents are coached on how to use the evidence-based strategies to better recognise, understand & respond to their child’s communication.
The sessions provide coach demonstrations, parent practice and reflection. Following the child’s lead, it aims to empower children to respond in more complex ways and enables them to better advocate for themselves.


Part of an individualised therapy program

Project ImPACT can be a part of an individualised program to empower parents alongside other therapeutic supports. The Project ImPACT manual aims to include parents as communication teachers. The program can be delivered individually, as a small group or via Telehealth. Supports delivered to and by families can improve relationships around the child & develop resilience.

Unsure if Project ImPACT is right for your child?
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