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Enrich your well-being, settle internal crises, and gain a better perspective

Improve self-awareness.

Understanding yourself and your behaviour better can lead to stronger relationships with yourself and others.

Be heard.

We pride ourselves on building strong, therapeutic relationships, taking time to get to know you, your story, and your goals.

Manage Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours

Psychology can provide evidence-based tools to help manage unhelpful thoughts, dysfunctional behaviours, and difficult emotions.

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Psychology is for any person, condition, or behaviour. It can assist with changing or managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to improve quality of life and relationships with others.


Who it's for...

Psychology is shown to be effective for adults, parents and children of all ages from early childhood to late adulthood who want support with a range of challenges. Psychology may be beneficial for those affected by low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, attachment and relationship concerns, trauma, depression, cognitive delays or decline, addiction and other difficulties.


What to Expect

Before starting Psychology, we aim to understand your strengths, challenges and needs to provide the most appropriate personalised approach to address you or your child’s needs. Psychology provided in an engaging and age-appropriate way and is adapted to the individual’s communication style. Sessions may include interviews, observations, assessments, coaching and face-to-face therapy. Your practitioner may encourage you to bring your loved ones to occasional sessions to assist with social supports, relationships, and understanding.


Part of an individualised therapy program

Your Psychologist will work with you to help you progress towards personal goals and live life in line with your values. Our psychologists are trained in a number of therapies allowing for a flexible, individualised approach to meet psychological needs and therapeutic goals. Psychology can be delivered in-clinic or Telehealth.

Unsure if Psychology is right for your child? Connect With Us

While psychology is suitable for everyone, some of our other services such as Project ImPACT and ESDM may be more suitable to younger children.
For children, those with limited cognitive or language capacity, and those seeking attachment or relationship support, we take a family approach. By including family and partners in therapy, we aim to support each individual and their community to thrive. If you are unsure if psychology is right for you, please speak to a member of our team.