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Speech Pathology

Speech Therapy is aimed at assisting children develop the communication skills needed to increase their independence and participation in everyday routines and social situations in their homes and community.

Support children's speech and language development.

Early intervention supports speech and language skills children need to become confident, resilient communicators.

Increase communication skills.

Play and every-day activities and routines create opportunities to teach communication skills for children to express their needs, understand others and develop their reading and writing skills.

Create connections.

Speech therapy is based on interacting with others to create connections which encourage children, young adults and adults to communicate in ways that are meaningful to them.

Speech Therapy Newcastle | SeeChange Therapy

Speech pathology uses everyday activities to stimulate language development and communication skills. Speech pathologists use playing, reading books, talking and modelling correct sounds and syllables with a child through age appropriate play to encourage the child to become confident, resilient communicators.


Who it's for...

Speech therapy is shown to be effective for children, young adults and adults with a range of diagnoses that impact communication and/or those with isolated speech and language difficulties.


What to Expect

Speech pathologists work collaboratively with families to assess skills and create functional goals that engage children in activities they are interested in which assists in the essential development of life-long language and communication skills.


Part of an individualised therapy program

As communication is an essential element to social participation, speech pathology can be delivered at home, in-clinic, in the community or in school. Where communication and language skills are a priority, we focus on goals that aim to support the child’s development and family’s needs.

Unsure if Speech Pathology is right for your child? Connect With Us

Parents are usually right when they suspect their child is having difficulty communicating. If your child has been diagnosed with a communication difficulty including developmental language disorder, speech therapy can support communicative function. If you would like to find out more contact us.