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We support young adults and adults to develop the tools needed to flourish

Life sometimes throws us difficult challenges to navigate. From managing hormonal changes and social confusion for adolescents and the stress of juggling work, family, and self-care of adulthood, or coping with the grief that comes from cognitive decline and loss of loved ones in later years, life can be hard. For individuals with learning difficulties, or additional needs, facing periods of uncertainty, anxiety and confusion can make life even more challenging. Young adults and adults with behavioural and neurological challenges often need support in becoming more independent and involved community members.
SeeChange offers support for everyone during these challenging transitions and aims to empower young adults and adults to better navigate everyday routines, stressors, and family and community activities. We know that greater independence and confidence can lead to richer connections and positive outcomes.

Occupational Therapy

Aimed at advancing the capacity of young adults and adults, OT sessions are designed to encourage them to complete daily tasks independently and capacity to complete everyday tasks.


Psychology provides a space to be heard and to develop a greater understanding of yourself and the symptoms you are experiencing. Learn tools to manage challenging thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and identify an action plan to achieve your goals and live life in line with your values.

Support Where You Need It

In Home

Practitioners will visit your child at home for more personalised and convenient one-on-one sessions.

In Community

Our community-based sessions involve supporting the individual within everyday routines and social situations.

In Clinic

You can also choose to visit us in our clinic where your child meets their practitioner for a one-on-one session.

Not Sure Where to Start? Confused?

Connect With Us

The rewards and unique challenges that come with neurodiversity shape relationships for our clients with their family, friends, and members of the community. We empathise with families and understand the frustration and feelings of isolation that can come with caring for a child with additional needs. We believe it is a shared responsibility to create environments where neurodivergent children can flourish. This begins with fostering authentic relationships with a child’s support network and ensuring that relationships are underpinned by understanding, empowerment, and acceptance. SeeChange aims to collaborate with families and connect with other services to create a new way of being in our community where everyone is truly valued.