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Group Programs

SeeChange Therapy provide a variety of group programs for children of all ages based around their goals and interests. Our group programs run throughout the year both through the school term and school holidays.

Term 1 School Holiday Programs

See below our most recent School Holiday Programs. Stay tuned for our upcoming programs!

School Term Group Programs

School Readiness Program

SeeChange Therapy offer a 10-week School Readiness Program through Term 4 that assists your child in preparing for school by engaging in a small group. Our small groups of 4-6 children will provide your child with the opportunity to practice being school ready in a high support environment. The program is designed around a school routine, allowing opportunities to practice transitions, self care, personal independence, fine and gross motor tasks.

Each day, your child will be supported to participate in classroom routines, such as morning circle, transitions, a range of group learning experiences, free play, routines and morning tea.

What skills will be targeted?
✓ Communication
✓ Motor Skills
✓ Cognition
✓ Personal Independence
✓ Naturalistic Play

Lego Social Skills Group

This is our most popular group and runs twice a year through the school Term for 9 weeks and is for young children in Kindergarten through to Year 4.  

The Lego Social Skills Group support children to learn social skills including:

  • Greeting friends and joining in the play
  • Sharing and turn takin
  • Asking for help
  • Fine motor skills
  • Following instructions
  • Giving clear instructions
  • Problem solving

Play Picnics

Play Picnics are a family group designed for feeding support with young children aged 1-3yo. This group is perfect for you to build support networks with other families, introduce your child to a range of food without pressure and have some time with our Speech Pathologist to ask all of your feeding questions!  



SeeChange aspires to ensure that all children are geared for success and that therapeutic offerings are appropriate for each individual child. If you are interested in any of our group programs, please get in contact with us to discuss eligibility criteria.

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The rewards and unique challenges that come with neurodiversity shape relationships for our clients with their family, friends, and members of the community. We empathise with families and understand the frustration and feelings of isolation that can come with caring for a child with additional needs. We believe it is a shared responsibility to create environments where neurodivergent children can flourish. This begins with fostering authentic relationships with a child’s support network and ensuring that relationships are underpinned by understanding, empowerment, and acceptance. SeeChange aims to collaborate with families and connect with other services to create a new way of being in our community where everyone is truly valued.